…can’t vs. won’t…

Here’s a quick rant, but I promise to end it with something positive! Occasionally, while traveling, things don’t go according to Hoyle. You book a flight and the plane has a mechanical failure. I get it. But a 13-hour international flight varies greatly from a Red-Eye to an early morning flight. I book a Red-Eye because I want to sleep on the plane and wake up at a somewhat morning-esque time (this applies only to flying West).

So, if my Red-Eye is canceled, the next morning at 8am ain’t gonna cut it.

Virgin Australia first offered the 8am flight and then managed to promise me two nights accommodation and food vouchers for 2 days at the LAX Marriott if I could wait until the next Red-Eye. Okay. Fair enough. I’ll even share a room with a friend.

After taking the shuttle to the hotel, the Marriott has no record of any second night or food vouchers and I’m told I’ll have to “work it out with Virgin Australia.” Long story short, after hours on the phone with the hotel front desk, Virgin at LAX, Virgin in Australia and moments with the hotel and restaurant staff looking at me as if I’m trying to swindle them with my vouchers, I’m sitting here in LAX, waiting to board with an upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy. I’m told my meal will be served on a “real plate”. That’s right: no plastic tray for this guy. The station manager said, “I’m sorry. I know this has been a terrible inconvenience but I can’t do anything else for you.”
Hmmm…you can’t? You can’t bump me up to one of those sweet unoccupied business class seats? You can’t say, “Have a good night’s sleep on us in a fully reclining seat that no one else will be using,”?

You can’t? Or you won’t?

Okay, something to be happy about: good weather in LA and a great pool at the Marriott really massaged away a lot of the tension from a hectic wedding trip. Thank you, Nature, for the great weather! And (mumbling)…thanks, Marriott, for the pool. Also, I had a great time back in the States, even if I didn’t get to visit my beloved Texas!

So as not to come across as solely a complainer, my flight to the States using Virgin Australia went off without a hitch. So, maybe this is just a one-time thing.

Your thoughts? Am I justified at all for being grumpy or am I just being a big baby?


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