…awesome is relative…

Hyper evolution! Burger King (known here as Hungry Jack’s) has only been in Australia for 41 years and yet the bill of the ibis now curves for perfect Whopper hunting. Crikey!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught me the word “awesome” at a very young age (along with “righteous”, “Bossanova”, and “Chevy Nova”). I’ve been using it for quite a few things on this trip, and rightly so. When a giant barge floats in the river outside the central business district of Brisbane and every night, laser lights – synced with pulsing music – are shot through spray coming from said barge…that is awesome. When you meet up with a group of authors and ask a few questions and later get mentioned as “Mr. Texas” in a blog interview for one of those authors…that is awesome. Hell, even when you see an ibis jump up on a rubbish bin and pull out a Burger King sack, whipping it back and forth like a bloodhound with a rabbit in its mouth…that, too, is awesome.

But all this stuff is awesome to me. Some of it is probably awesome to you too, but it’s relative. Locals around here who see ibis everyday probably think they’re nothing more than flying, pestilent nuisances and wish they’d leave the trash in the bin. Veteran authors with far too many hours logged at festivals might see my “Mr. Texas” as cute at best. And the laser light barge show? Well, no, that is awesome. Fact.

Perhaps one of the most awesome things I’m doing while traveling is writing for Stoic Studio’s The Banner Saga! For those of you who don’t know me, writing is a bit of a passion of mine – one that started me writing this very travel blog. Traveling AND writing for a sweet video game, you say? Drew, your sip of the frothy awesome-shake is over! But what about the other things that pop up and say, “Look at me, traveling video game writer guy! I’m sexy and awesome too!” Like the iPhone 5, or my friend, Rhianna Pratchett, writing the new Tomb Raider prequel. To be clear, Miss Pratchett (and the iPhone 5 for that matter) has never actually said, “I’m sexy and awesome too!” (at least, not to me). Meeting the authors at the Brisbane Writers Festival, men and women who have one or fifteen books published: it’s all a big pond of awesome.

“So, what’s the point of all this?” you may be asking. It’s that often times, we see what everyone else is doing and think, “Man, that’s awesome! I wish I was doing that!” even when we are doing something incredibly amazing simultaneously. It’s all relative. When someone says, “You’re living the dream!”, they’re mostly right – you’re living a dream, probably one of theirs and hopefully one of yours.

If not, do something about it. Live your dreams. Be awesome…start by voting in my very first poll!


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