…beginning of something beautiful…

The road to completion for Banner Saga 2 took a goal toll for me – I was supposed to be travelling the lower 48 States a year ago, but it simply wouldn’t have worked. No tears in my whiskey, though. The project taught me a bit about persistence, finding inspiration, feasibility of ideas, and a little more about humility. Ultimately, it was more important for me to be part of a team, to complete this game, and to feel a bit of pride and ownership in the story than to commune with nature. But now that all that’s done…

20160408_112636In my absence from blogging, I’ve purchased and updated/upgraded a 2005 Nissan Xterra and a 2003 Casita Travel Trailer. I’ve got photos and notes aplenty on the work I put into them both, so hopefully I get around to converting them into some meaty blog posts. For now, you are up to date!

20160409_195550.JPGLake Whitney, Texas was the spot this past weekend. Gorgeous spring weather and free camping by the dam at Soldier’s Bluff Park. If you’ve never been in Texas during the long, hot summers, you might not be able to truly appreciate a 70-degree (21°C) weekend in the preceding months, but it’s something you desperately want to bottle and keep on the shelf for the hard times.

I cannot emphasize enough the impact and importance of meeting new faces on my travels – if there’s one thing I’m guilty of hording, it’s the stories told to me all along the way.

There was enough sun to overpower my SPF 30 and splash my pallid husk with a tinge of red. This occurred at a boat ramp while meeting Holly and Robby, two Clifton locals who shared their stories and beer with me. Holly has recently chased down her dream of living near family and owning a bar in her hometown after a bout with cancer. Robby is a young man still figuring things out, but loves to talk about drinking, fishing, and girls. If you find yourself near Clifton, TX, swing into the Silver Bucket on Main St., have a drink or a burger, and tell them I sent you!

This photo is from the Silver Bucket’s Facebook Page

The next day ushered in a proper April Shower. The rhythm of rain on the awning while I sat tucked underneath, dry and warm, drinking tea and reading The Chronicles of the Black Company, is the type of intangible moment that rights so many wrongs. If you’re upset or worried about anything at a time like that, you’re just doing it out of spite.

Hot tea, cold beer, a good book, and the Drifter’s ukulele. Check and mate.

After walking along the bluffs where high school and college kids like to party, crossing the dam where buzzards glide in their eternal vigil, seeing fantastic sunsets, and shivering in the wind blowing off the lake, I returned home. I think a kayak and a trail bike would’ve extended my trip by days and I’m now actively searching for deals.

pixlr_20160412103805958Where are you planning to travel this spring/summer (or autumn/winter for my friends in the southern hemisphere)? Any gear you’d consider essential?



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  1. Excellent Blog….where do you come by your inspiration?

  2. I’ve got a bike that I’ll make you a deal on.

  3. sworisbreathing April 13, 2016 — 5:34 pm

    Essential gear: a Onezee (https://mobile.twitter.com/aldi_otw/status/706777655157219330). It’s like someone looked at a Snuggie and said, “Hey, that would be even better as a skeeping bag”

    GF and I just tried out ours near Mt Buller last weekend. Toasty warm.

    Where we’re planning to travel this mid-year: maybe the Simpson Desert in August or so.

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