…a spring northeastern…

Turn business trips to new places into vacations whenever possible! This was a lesson I learned years ago when my company sent me to Bucharest, Romania…and I didn’t stay any extra days to take a train to Transylvania. In April, Stoic paid for a trip to Boston for PAX East, an annual video game convention, so I went a few days early to check out a place I’d never been to before. I feel like I saw a great deal of what makes this city special while having a great time showing off Banner Saga 2, the game I worked on for nearly two years!

20160420_105704Stevi and I stayed in an AirBnB in Cambridge a few bus stops from Harvard Square (and yes, I said Hahvahd far too many times to be considered funny). The room was alright (nothing worth promoting) but the location was pretty great. We really enjoyed walking around streets of Second Empire type homes and eating brunch in our special corner of Full Moon Cafe!

Sad eyes…until this awesome meal was consumed!

The next day, we had a few beers at Cheers, which proved to be an incredible pub to hangout in mid-week, contrary to our bus driver’s opinion of it being a waste of tourist time. Sometimes, you gotta check things out for yourself!


The same day happened to be 4/20 and Boston Common was smelling a little funky.


Stevi had a couple of food items on her must-eat list and Boston Cream Pie was not only at the top of the list, but bold and underlined. The Cheers bartender told us to go for the original at “Omni Pahkah House”, so we did. And we were not disappointed.


Most everyone who knows me knows I’m not a sports guy, but the following day hit us with 75 degrees and clear skies, so Fenway was a no-brainer. A subway ride full of Sox fans, $20 tickets, Cracker Jacks, and cold beer? I feel like this was a Boston memory done right.


Boston is a town full of American history and while we didn’t have time to explore the entire Freedom Trail, we did see Paul Revere’s house and Old North Church. And took a Sam Adam’s Brewery Tour…which led us to a party bus ride to Doyle’s Irish pub for clam chowder (Stevi’s second must-eat item)!



Of course, I also had work to do. Saturday and Sunday were devoted to PAX East which is mayhem in the form of thousands of gamers joining forces in a massive building to talk about their passion: video games. Here’s a glimpse at some of the chaos (I’m dressed as Rook, top center).


I hear Boston in the winter can be a miserable place, but with great company, a willingness to go anywhere and do anything, and terrific spring weather, I’d recommend this town to anyone!



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