…ten four nine…

10,000 miles, 4 months, 9 states. The journey that started in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado continued through Utah, Idaho, and Washington.

Locked and Loaded
Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM
An uncomfortable seat for reflection
The Colorado Crew
The Drifter and the Mermaid

Risking my mortal vessel for your viewing pleasure
Moab’s intimidating spires
Twin Falls, Idaho
Some water-legged spider attacking Seattle’s Space Needle

Then I spent two weeks in B.C., Canada.

Goofballs in action

I continued my traveling in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

Yep. La Push.

Cobain’s Park
Crater Lake National Park

Biplanes are my planes
Pronounced Spoh-Can

Glacier National Park
Bull elk crossing the river in Yellowstone

Sudden snowstorm!!

Now, I’m in Nevada.


And the journey continues.



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  1. *Great photos…not many words. Strange for you!*

  2. So, I’m gonna be near Austin in a few weeks. Was gonna ask if you wanted to catch up…looks like you’re busy though 🙂
    And, looks like a ton of fun!

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