Drew McGee comes from a loving family which has served as both a blessing and a curse. He has always been surrounded by love and support, he’s never gone hungry, never been homeless, and never been addicted to anything but reading and video games. Without those hardships, he relies purely on imagination and exaggeration of life’s small inconveniences to write stories of grand adventure and psychological disturbance.

Of course, quitting his job to travel around Australia for a year didn’t hurt. And now he can be found touring the US in a camper trailer. This blog is dedicated to the facts behind future stories – all the real-world beauty that opens the mind to possibilities for fiction.


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  1. Ok. I’m not on Facebook, so maybe you’ve posted there…It’s been two months since I’ve read any traveling news and I’m getting anxious for the next installment. What’s going on? Where are you now?

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